Friday, February 9, 2018

One Of Us Will Be Dead By Morning by David Moody

One Of Us Will Be Dead By Morning

by David Moody

Rating (1-5) - 📘📘📘📘📘
Genre - Horror
Format - Hardcover
Pages - 330

I wasn't sure I wanted to start this book as it's the 4th in the Hater Series and I haven't read the previous 3. However, I got it in my PageHabit horror subscription box*, and figured why not.

The first chapter had me wondering if I was going to like it at all. I thought it was going to be a book about a bunch of kids getting into trouble. I was wrong. The bodies start to drop right in the beginning and don't stop throughout the entire book. There were lots of different characters and I don't care for trying to remember who is who, but it didn't matter in this book, especially when people are dying off left and right. It's a modern day alternative to zombies as the "Haters" aren't actually zombies. I thought the name "Haters", for the changed people, wasn't a good choice. For some reason, it seemed a bit childish to me (sorry). I did enjoy how there was no real hero though. It makes trying to figure out who will survive harder. Everyone was out for themselves.

If you enjoy blood and gore then this is the book for you. The author is quite descriptive and I was able to visualize every gruesome attack. The book is easy to read and I like how it is wrote in a day by day view, instead of just a random timeline. This made is a quicker read for me as I wanted to get through an entire "day" in the book before I stopped reading. I would consider this book a page turner. I kept reading to find out who was going to be the next to die, would anyone make it off the island, and who (if anyone) would survive.

I am going to look for the first 3 in the series because I am curious if there is a reason as to why people became Haters. Was it something in the air, the water what? And if I read the first 3 and there's no explanation, then I will look forward to another in the series to find out what happens.

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Random Author Annote pg. 207 "Remember this from Hater? When someone tells you "the situation is under control", you can be sure it isn't.

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